The Legend of Hanuman Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Updates & Everything

The Legend of Hanuman has captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and stunning animation. Fans eagerly await the release of Season 3, which promises to take the epic saga to new heights. While an official release date for Season 3 has not been announced yet, we can expect it to be packed with more action, drama, and mythology. As we eagerly anticipate the next installment, let’s keep the spirit of Hanuman alive by exploring the rich mythology and stories that surround this legendary character. Stay tuned for updates on The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 and get ready to embark on another exciting adventure.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Release Date

The upcoming season of The Legend of Hanuman is on its way, with the teaser already released, sparking much excitement. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release date on Disney+ Hotstar. We have gathered comprehensive information through thorough research and will now share all the latest updates.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Update

The production commenced in 2021 under the guidance of Sharad Devarajan and garnered acclaim from audiences, achieving a 9.1 IMDb rating. The upcoming season is set to make a comeback on Hotstar, accompanied by the launch of the official trailer. We will now explore each of these elements extensively.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Ratings & Status

Season 3
Status Coming Soon
Streaming Platform Disney+ Hotstar
Streaming Date January 2024
Announcement Date October 2023
Teaser Launched on November 2023
Genre Animation, Mythology
Creators Sharad Devarajan, Jeevan J. Kang, Charuvi Agrawal
Writers Sharad Devarajan, Sarwat Chaddha, Ashwin Pande, Arshad Syed
Directors Jeevan J. Kang, Navin John
Narrator Sharad Kelkar
Languages Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi
Episodes (Previous) 26 (till now)
Production Editor Tharun Prasad
Production Company Graphic India
IMDb Ratings S 1: 9.1, S 2: 8.6

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Disney+ Hotstar Official Announcement

Disney+ Hotstar has made the official announcement for The Legend of Hanuman Season 3, much anticipated by fans. The announcement coincided with Dussehra, and a new poster was revealed on social media. According to the latest updates from Disney+ Hotstar, the new episodes are set to debut in the second week of January 2024. A teaser for Season 3 was released on Diwali, offering a glimpse of what’s to come. The series, known for its fusion of mythology and animation, has garnered impressive ratings on IMDb.

When is the Season 3 Finally Coming?

The upcoming episodes will feature Pavan Putra Hanuman’s ongoing thrilling journey, narrated by Sharad Kelkar. This time, the stakes are higher as Hanuman confronts the mighty king of Lanka, Raavan. The teaser hints at a confrontation where Raavan challenges Hanuman’s capabilities, casting doubt on whether a mere ‘Vanar’ can withstand the formidable Rakshasas and evade Indrajit’s potent weapons. Directed by Jeevan J. Kang and Navin John, the series is accessible in seven languages, adding to its appeal.

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Who are the Voice Artists in New Episodes?

Damandeep Singh Baggan takes on the significant roles of Hanuman and the formidable Void Demon. Sanket Mhatre lends his voice to Shree Ram, perfectly portraying the virtuous and heroic nature of the character. Surbhi Pandey embodies the elegance and resilience of Sita, the divine consort of Lord Rama. Vikrant Chaturvedi assumes the role of Sugreev.

Richard Joel contributes his voice to the portrayal of Lakshmana, Rama’s loyal younger brother. The role of the series’ antagonist, Ravana, is performed by the skilled Sharad Kelkar, who brings a powerful presence to this legendary character. Additionally, Rohan Jadav embodies the character of Teenage Ravana, adding complexity to the portrayal. Shakti Singh provides the voice for Jambavana, Sahil Vaid for Vali, and Toshi Sinha for Shurpanakha.

What Are The Voice Artists Characters?

  • Damandeep Singh Baggan in Hanuman role
  • Sanket Mhatre as Shree Ram
  • Surbhi Pandey as Sita
  • Vikrant Chaturvedi as Sugreev
  • Richard Joel as Lakshmana
  • Sharad Kelkar as Ravana
  • Rohan Jadav as Teenage Ravana
  • Shakti Singh as Jambavana
  • Sahil Vaid as Vali
  • Toshi Sinha as Shurpanakha
  • Rajesh Jolly as Sampati
  • Aaditya Raj Sharma as Hariya
  • Pushkar Vijay as Angada
  • Rohan Verma as Nal

Official Trailer :- Confirmation Date Update

Currently, there is no official announcement regarding the release date of the trailer. However, based on past patterns and the scheduled release of Season 3 in January 2024, it is likely that the trailer will be unveiled in the weeks leading up to December 2023.

Where The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Will Stream Online Latest Updates?

The latest episodes will only be accessible on Disney+ Hotstar! The creators have officially revealed the new episodes on Dussehra, building on the popularity of the initial two seasons that are also accessible on Disney+ Hotstar. This platform is recognized for its wide range of shows, and now, The Legend of Hanuman 3 adds another thrilling animated and mythological series to its lineup.


The Legend of Hanuman is a popular animated show loved for its fantastic tales, stunning animation, and retelling of old Indian stories. Fans were thrilled to learn that a new series had been announced on Dussehra, but it will only be available on Disney+ Hotstar. The new season is expected to be released in January 2024, and viewers are eagerly waiting for the trailer and more information about the upcoming season. In the past, teasers have been released on important days keeping excitement high. With Season 3 expected to follow ancient Indian mythology, fans are eagerly anticipating another awesome experience with intriguing characters and captivating stories. The previous series received high ratings on IMDb, making expectations even higher for the new season.

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